SportsEngine Registration: Readington Tewksbury Junior Baseball League

2020 Coach Application


Welcome to the 2020 Coaches Application with Readington Tewksbury Junior Baseball!

Please note- after you have completed this registration session, In this session, you may need to complete another step which will will be used to conduct a background screening by Southeastern Security Consultants Inc.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.

PLEASE NOTE- EVERYONE is Required to complete all fields in this registration form, regardless if you have to complete a background check later in the season set up process.


Our charter organization Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth requires that we have all volunteers background checked every other year.


For coaches that need to have a background check performed please note you will be required to complete that through a separate link. 


2020 Work Bond Information for Managers and Coaches:

Family Work Bond will be returned for the manager and 3 assistant coaches per team by the end of the fiscal year (October) if the following requirements are met;

-All coaches (manager and assistants) must attend at least 3 league meetings (March coaches meeting is mandatory).

-Complete field/facility maintenance requirements before and after games.

-Turn in all evaluation paperwork and equipment on time after the season. 

-Managers will be asked to sign off that assistant coaches have fulfilled the above requirements throughout the season.

League meetings that count towards attendance started with the November 2019 meeting and run through and include October of 2020.   

2020 Season Meeting Dates: 

Jan - 1/8/20 Old Turnpike School 7:30pm

March - 3/11/20 Readington Middle School 7:30pm

May - 5/13/20 Readington Middle School 8:00pm

June - 6/10/20 - Readington Middle School 8:00pm

Opening Day

Saturday April 25th we will hold our Opening day Ceremony. Spring Training and scrimmages will be played prior to the schools spring breaks.  and games will start the week of April 20th 

Family Fun Day (Rec season ends)

Saturday June 13th.


Thank you for being involved and volunteering your time for our league.

We encourage all coaches to get more involved with our league beyond coaching.  


Please direct questions to:

Pam Pennell